Samson (Ben) Benjamin, AMFT

Associate #119907, supervised by Stephanie Goldsmith, PhD (PSY #26766)



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Samson (Ben) Benjamin, AMFT

Associate #119907,
supervised by Stephanie Goldsmith, PhD (PSY #26766)

I’m glad that you’ve made the decision to seek support in addressing the challenges that you’re facing. Working with a therapist who accepts and understands you provides valuable new perspective and awareness. From a safe and caring space, we will find new ways for you to view, interact with, and respond to the blocks that appear to be preventing you from living your preferred life.

I enjoy working with a wide range of clients, including college students, couples, seniors, and anyone facing major life changes. I have experience working with individuals impacted by anxiety, infidelity, divorce, parenting issues, trauma, addiction, grief and loss, adjustment difficulties, and issues associated with chronic medical conditions. I appreciate individuals whose identity (ethnic, cultural, sexual, gender, or other) places them between two worlds, with all the unique challenges and strengths that this brings.

I approach this work with flexibility, creativity, gratitude, joy, and humility, and I would be honored to assist you on your journey towards healing, growth, and expanded awareness.

Preparation and Integration

In addition to my regular clients, I provide preparation and integration services for individuals and couples who are working with psychedelics / entheogens / plant medicines or are considering doing so. I offer support for harm reduction, setting intentions, developing grounding practices, and integrating insights acquired during ceremony. I provide a supportive framework to explore and expand clients' understanding and relationship with transpersonal and visionary experiences.

Goldsmith Psychological Services

I work with the group practice, Goldsmith Psychological Services, a team of therapists dedicated to providing a safe and collaborative environment to help you achieve your therapeutic goals and facilitate meaningful change in your life. We strive to provide multiculturally sensitive care and we welcome working with people from many different backgrounds, systems, and beliefs. Learn more about GPS here.

Video Sessions

I offer both in-person sessions and video sessions.